Read on for all the amazing benefits that a balanced whole-foods, micronutrient-dense, low-sugar, plant-filled diet like that of Barley + Oats can do*

  • Female Health
    • Boost energy + mood
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Eliminate Breakouts (adios, acne) + get that glow
    • Balance and stabilize your hormones
    • Regulate your cycles and help alleviate PMS
    • Improve elimination with water-rich foods and natural detoxifiers (dandelion, beets!)
    • Take care of your gut with fermented condiments, digestive spices + soaked nuts and grains
  • Fertility
    • Raise that libido (ooh la la)
    • Support conception + the early stages of pregnancy (big ups to B6!)
    • Nourish those eggs to maturity with more zinc
    • Boost your vitamin C to trigger an egg to release + for daddy to improve his sperm count + quality (when he eats Barley + Oats)
    • Preserve your endocrine system with dishes void of hormone disrupters
  • Pregnancy
    • Potentially reduce the risks of miscarriage tied to micronutrient deficiency
    • Defend against complications for mom and baby such as preterm labor, low birth weight, preeclampsia + Group B strep
    • Strengthen your immune system when you’re protecting for two
    • Ward off common tummy troubles like nausea, heartburn, gas, bloating + constipation
  • Fetal Development
    • Support the healthy development of all internal organs + systems (props to folate for forming the neural tube + Vitamin A for skin and tissue growth)
    • Create a greater capacity for learning into childhood and increase IQ (Choline and Omega-3 for the win!)
    • Lower your child’s risk for chronic disease later in life
    • Reduce susceptibility to allergies (cheers to you, Vitamin D)
  • Postpartum Recovery
    • Support the natural healing process for faster recovery
    • Increase iron supply to keep mom’s energy up through all those sleepless nights
    • Stave off the baby blues + postpartum depression (merci, Omega 3 and magnesium)
  • Breastfeeding
    • Boost quantity and quality of milk supply
    • Reduce the risk of infections like mastitis + thrush
    • Strengthen your baby’s gut (party on, probiotics!)
    • Reduce the risk of colic (more sleep for everyone!) by avoiding hard-to-digest foods that can pass through the milk in baby
    • Improve breastmilk nutritional content to fortify baby’s immune system + set your little one up for a lifetime of health
* At Barley + Oats we are moms, nutritionists, chefs + passionate females, but we are not doctors. While studies show that micronutrient-rich diets and those that eliminate certain foods can assist with all of the above benefits, every body and every baby is different. Your results are also impacted significantly by what else you are eating besides Barley + Oats. Therefore, we cannot guarantee these benefits. For your safety, as always, please contact your healthcare provider before making any major dietary changes.

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